Netbeans 5.0 is out…


For all of you, netbeans users, out there, Netbeans 5.0 has been released!

I haven’t really gotten around to using it yet, but there are supposedly new nifty features in there.

I started using Netbeans since way back from version 2, and before that, Forte for CE (Sun released version of netbeans). I’ve stopped using it when there released the new filesystem thingie, that was when I moved to Intellij. Anyway, I’ll check out 5.0, it might convince me to move back to Netbeans.

How about eclipse you might ask? bleh… I’ve never liked Eclipse, It just doesn’t fit into how I develop. Plus i think it’s the least user friendly among the IDE’s i’ve used.


2 Responses to “Netbeans 5.0 is out…”

  1. Have you seen the new Sun Java Studio Creator 2.0? It also based on NetBeans. 😀

  2. Crimson Editor? Hehehehe. I like the doggie.

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